Project news

The IREK project research team engages in a range of joint research activities and interactions with stakeholders, including workshops, seminars, presentations and field visits. The aim is both to discuss ideas and obtain inputs to the research processes as well as to ensure feedback into the decision-making based on preliminary research findings.

June 2017

IREK PhD students Cecilia, Dominick and Faith 2017

The IREK project involves two PhD visiting fellow stays at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. The first PhD visiting fellow stay was from March 2017 until June 2017, where the PhD students worked on their research proposals and held seminars at their respective departments at Aalborg University.

June 2017

Folkecenter for Renewable Energy 2017

In June 2017, members of the team went on a joint fieldtrip to Aalborg and Thy in Northern Jutland to visit renewable energy projects ranging from solar plants at the industrial harbour in Aalborg, the Østerild test site for some of the largest windmills in the world to the small wind turbine testing site at the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy.

February 2017

Stakeholder interview in Nairobi 2017

In February 2017, the team conducted joint interviews with key stakeholders from government agencies, international organisations, research institutes and businesses in the energy sector in Nairobi.


February 2017

Workshop in Eldoret 2017

The third IREK workshop (hosted by Moi University) was held in Eldoret in February 2017. The focus was on presenting and discussing progress on the different work packages of the project with a particular emphasis on progress made by the PhD students.

Read the IREK project workshop 2017


May 2016

Workshop in Copenhagen 2016

The second IREK workshop (hosted by Aalborg University) was held in Copenhagen in May 2016. It included an internal meeting for the research partners and a meeting with the reference group of the research project.



February 2015


Workshop in Mombasa 2015

The research team comes together every year for a joint workshop to present and discuss ongoing work. The first IREK inception workshop (hosted by ACTS) was held in Mombasa in February 2015. It brought together the project partners and a number of key stakeholders in the Kenyan energy sector.