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The IREK project research team engages in a range of joint research activities and interactions with stakeholders, including workshops, seminars, presentations and field visits. The aim is both to discuss ideas and obtain inputs to the research processes as well as to ensure feedback into the decision-making based on preliminary research findings.

Visit to DTU Risø, April 2018

IREK researchers Margrethe Holm Andersen, Faith Wandera and Cecilia Gregersen visited the DTU Risø campus to share insights on wind energy projects in Kenya with Ivan Nygaard, Tom Cronin, Jens Carsten Hansen and Per Bromand Nørgård (picture). The visit included presentations on DTU Wind, the Kenya Mini-Wind project and Faith Wandera’s research on small wind turbine development and diffusion in Kenya.


IREK Workshop in Copenhagen, April 2018

The fourth IREK workshop (hosted by Aalborg University) focused on the results of the first peer reviewed publications as well as preliminary insights from PhD fieldwork and first discussions on the IREK book project. Visitors from DTU-UNEP presented work on solar mini-grids in Kenya and utility-scale solar PV plants in East Africa, The IREK team also visited the UN City in Copenhagen to learn more about the Kenya Mini-Wind project and toured the smart solutions of the building (e.g. roof top solar installations as pictured).

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IREK Stakeholder Workshop, March 2018

Following the IREK stakeholder survey, key informant interview and an initial policy analysis, stakeholders were invited to inform the continued work of the IREK project (participants pictured).

Read the Overview of major energy policy frameworks and capabilities, presented by IREK PhD Fellow Faith Odongo at the stakeholder workshop.

To find out more about the recommendations from the stakeholders, read the IREK Briefing Note No. 6, March 2018.

IREK recommendations to Kenya’s Parliamentary Committee on Energy, March 2018

Dr. Ann Kingiri (picture) was invited to present IREK recommendations to Kenya’s Parliamentary Committee on Energy in March 2018. Based on the IREK stakeholder survey the recommendations focused on the need to incoporate commitments for building strategic capabilities for enhanced uptake of renewable energy in the Kenyan Energy Bill and the need to launch renewable technology foresights studies.

Read about the recommendation in the IREK Briefing Note No. 5.

Read the presentation of the IREK recommendations to the Parliamentary Committee on Energy.

Case study interview in Kenya and Ethiopia, October-December 2017

IREK PhD Fellow Cecilia Gregersen conducted case study interviews on two large grid-connected wind power projects, the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Kenya (picture) and the Adama II project in Ethiopia in October-December 2017. Interviews were conducted with a variety of stakeholders from project developers, planners and managers, subcontractors as well as partners at key government agencies.

PhD stay at Adama Science and Technology University, November 2017

IREK PhD Fellow Cecilia Gregersen collaborated with the Adama Science and Technology University in Adama during her fieldwork in Ethiopia. Dr Addisu Bekele from the Mechnical Engineering department facilitated her visit and fieldwork. Empirical data for Cecilia’s PhD project was collected during a visit to the site of the Adama II project as well as during in-depth interviews with key stakeholders in the energy sector.

IREK PhD Fellows Cecilia, Dominick and Faith, 2017

PhD stays at Aalborg University, March-June 2017

In 2017 the Kenyan IREK PhD Fellows Faith Wandera and Dominick Samoita stayed at Aalborg University in Copenhagen with the AAU IREK team members and developed their research proposals.

Find out more about the work of IREK PhD Fellow Faith Wandera in the IREK Working Paper No. 3.


Joint fieldtrip to Nothern Jutland, June 2017

Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, 2017

On a joint fieldtrip to Aalborg and Thy in Northern Jutland the IREK team visited renewable energy projects ranging from solar plants at the industrial harbour in Aalborg, the Østerild test site for some of the largest windmills in the world to the small wind turbine testing site at the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy.

Read about the perspectives on selection and deployment of low-carbon technologies from Nothern Jutland in the IREK Briefing Note No. 4.


Stakeholder interview in Nairobi, February 2017

Joint stakeholder interview, 2017

In February 2017 the IREK team conducted joint interview with key stakeholders from government agencies, international organisations, research institutes and businesses in the energy sector in Nairobi.

Read about the insights from the joint research interviews in IREK Briefing Note No. 3.


IREK Workshop in Eldoret, February 2017

IREK team, Eldoret 2017

The third IREK workshop (hosted by Moi University) had a particular emphasis on the IREK PhD projects.

IREK Workshop in Copenhagen, May 2016

IREK workshop participants, 2017

At the second IREK workshop (hosted by Aalborg University) the IREK Scientific Advisory Committee participated and reviewed the research project with particular focus on the new interdisciplinary analytical understanding employed by the IREK project of how value chain analysis can be linked to the formation and improved functioning of national and local innovation systems.

To find out more about the recommendations from the Scientific Advisory Committee, read the IREK Briefing Note No.2.

IREK Workshop in Mombasa, February 2015


IREK team 2015

The first IREK workshop (hosted by ACTS) brought together the project partners and the IREK reference group which include key stakeholders in the Kenyan energy sector.

To find out more about the stakeholder workshop and the stakeholders recommendations for the IREK team on how to inform the uptake of renewable energy technologies in Kenya, read the IREK Briefing Note No.1.