Throughout the duration of the research project the IREK research team will be working on a variety of outputs ranging from working papers and journal articles, survey reports and policy briefs to presentations of ongoing work at different stages of the project.

IREK policy brief, issue 1: Building capabilities in the wind and solar subsectors in Kenya, June 2017

Stakeholder survey report: Collaboration and capabilities in Kenya’s wind and solar industries: perception of stakeholders, March 2017

Mapping of Solar PV and Wind Energy Markets in Kenya: Current State and Emerging Trends, January 2017

Policy Analysis Report, January 2017

Solar_and_wind_energy_projects_Kenya IREK, February 2016

IREK Working Paper Series

Hansen, U. E. (2018). The insertion of local actors in the global value chains for solar PV and wind turbines in Kenya (IREK Working Paper No. 2). Copenhagen/Nairobi/Eldoret: AAU, ACTS and MU.



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