Faith Wandera

Faith is a renewable energy policy expert with emphasis on bioenergy development. She has a strong background in renewable energy development acquired through over twenty five years of service in the energy sector. During this period, she has had experience with a wide range of renewable energy technologies, including solar PV, solar thermal, small hydro, wind and biogas through training and participation in different local and international fora.

Her research work is in the area of policy and development. She has made significant contributions to development of energy policy, gender mainstreaming in the energy sector, and implementation and monitoring of renewable energy projects for rural communities. Faith believes in innovation for pro-poor growth, as well as translating research results into development projects of high impact to disadvantaged segments of society. She is interested in strengthening the research capacity of the institution she serves and understands that any advances made would be useful to communities in the developing world beyond the Kenyan boundaries. Faith has advocated for strengthening of the research arm of the Department of Renewable Energy and has contributed insights into developing the framework of the planned research laboratory by the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Kenya.

Faith holds a Master degree in Environmental Planning and Management (Kenyatta University). Her areas of Expertise are: Energy Policy, Sustainable Energy For All and Rural Electrification.